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Global Student Centre

Global Student Centre is a student engagement service provider.

To facilitate a smooth journey for your students, we have developed a process that breaks down students' application journey down into smaller, more accessible chunks. 

We work with UK universities to simplify student admissions, application screening, compliance, and arrivals. More simply, those repetitive tasks that add little value but take away precious time and effort, are processed out.


We engage with thousands of students weekly and in the process we gain valuable insight - these data points get fed back into our proprietary tech powered processes. We reduce time frames so our university partners can ensure timely arrivals. We do pre application screening so your admissions teams only assess those who are the right fit for your study programmes. We conduct Pre CAS interviews so your students are fully compliant.

Still have questions? Great. We expect nothing less. 

Fire away - by getting in touch for an informal conversation on how we can help you target the right students for your study programmes. 


   Our Services.   
      White-labelled.  Always  adapted to your objectives.  


Pre Application Screening


Pre CAS Interviews 


Enrolment Solutions 


Prospective Students Outreach

24 hour SLA

All new enquirers are contacted within a 24 hour period reducing delays

Pipeline Management

All your direct and agent-driven students are funnelled through our transformative process


We're big on visa compliance and data protection. Thanks to our 18 point questions, we manage out students who are either not the right fit, do not have their funding ready, or indeed motivation other than studies


Based on our conversation with them, we identify the ones who have the highest propensity to convert


Our process ensures consistency, and we place a premium on timely communication with students (and agents) in the pipeline 

Market Insight

We provide informative market intelligence, reporting, and analysis for our partners to streamline their recruitment strategy

University of East London has been traditionally very popular in South Asia. We've strategically committed and engaged with students and institutions there for more than twenty years.


As our appeal increases with future applicants we needed an expert partner that understood the markets in South Asia better than we do. In Global Student Centre we've partnered with an organisation that provides top drawer enrolment solutions, and engages with our applicants exactly like we would do. 

Our student applicants now are better informed, they arrive timely, compliance risks have been cut down substantially, and the fit with the programmes they've chosen to study is fantastic. 

Global Student Centre have also found cost savings and their on-demand reporting service has been of massive help in strategising better. 

Global Student Centre 
Helping universities engage with prospective students more efficiently

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