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If you already have an established market presence in South Asia, Global Student Centre is here to enhance, and create efficiencies in your existing international student recruitment operation. Whether you seek to revise your team structure or reduce the cost of acquisition, our expertise is at your service. With our proven track record, we excel in seamlessly managing staff recruitment, training, onboarding, and the expansion of existing structures. Our commitment to a performance-oriented model increases the success rate of our partners by reducing operational costs and enhancing the efficiency of multi-channel recruitment and admissions services.

Reassessing the Strategy

At Global Student Centre, we see strategy design and strategy execution as ever-evolving tasks. We are committed to delivering tangible outcomes for our clients in an increasingly competitive market place. We conduct quarterly reviews to reassess our strategies, their strategy delivery and forecast outcomes. Through regular collaborative discussions with our clients, we revaluate strategies, initiate agile tactical plans, and incorporate necessary adjustments to ensure success for our partner institutions

Facilitating Transfer, Onboarding, and Expansion of Existing Structures

Many universities and academic institutions already maintain in-country representation across the region. Global Student Centre will provide a holistic audit of your existing setup without disrupting the current structure and its operational output. Global Student Centre offers expert assistance in smoothly managing the transfer, onboarding, and in-market expansion of the recruitment operation.

Handling Payroll and HR Administration for Existing and New Team Members

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to manage payroll and HR needs. From issuing pay slips to processing expenses and managing absences, we ensure smooth operations throughout the employee lifecycle. Our dedicated teams act as the central point of contact for all payroll transactions, including personal allowances and bonus payments.

Evolving Strategies for Next-Stage Growth and Diversification

We understand the importance of being agile to adapt to the ever-changing needs of students, especially in the world’s most dynamic recruitment region. Our approach involves evolving pre-existing strategies to align with the shifting landscape and to propel your institution towards its next stage of growth and diversification.
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