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Experts in Education

Our leadership team has over 40 years of senior leadership experience in the global HE sector. We pride ourselves on being a leading outsourcing partner to some of the highest performing academic institutions in South Asia. Global Student Centre has a proven track record of facilitating agile solutions and ensuring a high return on investment. Our comprehensive understanding of the international education market is derived from years of hands-on experience, strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, bespoke research, and a firm grasp of recruitment services and opportunities. As a specialised firm dedicated to serving universities and academic service providers, our success in guiding institutions through the challenging recruitment landscape of South Asia, establishes Global Student Centre as a preferred partner for academic institutions.

Market Entry

We specialise as a market entry firm in guiding universities through successful market entry into the dynamic, diverse, and opportunity rich recruitment landscape of South Asia. Our strategy design and market entry services are tailored to unlock opportunities for your institution in this vibrant and increasingly important region. Our dedicated teams assist in establishing a robust recruitment network across various channels, driving optimised student recruitment, fostering greater diversification, and reducing the cost of acquiring each full-time enrolment.

Market Presence

As market leaders, Global Student Centre specialises in outsourcing services for market expansion, focusing on innovative and creative solutions to facilitate growth and enhance recruitment operations worldwide. By partnering with the International Offices of our clients, we provide comprehensive support and expert management of our teams. This strategic collaboration ensures that we not only integrate seamlessly with our clients' teams but also uphold our leadership in expanding educational opportunities globally. Our approach is tailored to consolidate market presence and drive the successful expansion of our clients' operations, reinforcing our position at the forefront of the industry.

Increase Your Market Share

If you already have an established market presence in South Asia, Global Student Centre is here to enhance your existing international student recruitment operation. Whether you seek to revise your team structure or reduce the cost of acquisition, our expertise is at your service. With our proven track record, we excel in seamlessly managing staff recruitment, training, onboarding, and the expansion of existing structures. Our commitment to a performance-oriented model increases the success rate of our partners by reducing operational costs and enhancing the efficiency of multi-channel recruitment and admissions services.

Professional Services Outsourcing

Global Student Centre, your trusted partner in professional service outsourcing. We specialise in enhancing your institution's efficiency and effectiveness across a range of critical functions. Our expertise spans student recruitment, pre-offer screening, admissions, compliance checks, enquiry management, conversion, onboarding, digital marketing, and event management. Discover how we can transform your operations and elevate your institution to new heights.
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