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At Global Student Centre, we pride ourselves on being a leading partner for academic institution seeking dynamic outsourcing solutions. We have a proven track record of efficiently supporting our partners to ensure risk aversive growth, and a high return on investment. Our comprehensive understanding of the international student recruitment sector is derived from years of hands-on experience, developing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, bespoke research, a firm grasp of multi-channel recruitment, and emerging opportunities in South Asia. As a specialist firm dedicated to serving academic institutions, our success in guiding institutions through the challenging and every changing recruitment landscape, establishes Global Student Centre as the preferred outsourcing partner in the region.

Market & Sector Insights

We provide tailored, actionable market insights, TNE partnership development and student strategies devoid of unnecessary jargon. Our data-rich services are backed by a commitment to transparency and accountability throughout our research and planning processes.

Market Knowledge

More than just a report, our services include strategy design, implementation and monitoring, and the facilitation of introductions to our agency partners, academic institutions, and government officials, offering invaluable on-the-ground intelligence on international student mobility trends and market expansion opportunities.

Market Entry

Our market development services provide institutions with limited knowledge of the South Asia market with valuable insights and opportunities for growth. Through our Market Entry program, institutions can travel to the region, engage with key relevant stakeholders, and receive expert support in crafting effective and deliverable market entry plans. At Global Student Centre, we are dedicated to maintaining budget transparency, ensuring confidentiality, data protection, and indemnification. We are committed to creating collaborative partnerships that facilitate business growth, increased diversification, reductions in the cost of acquisition and increased efficiencies in all areas of the recruitment process.


We are a results-oriented organisation and deliver targeted recruitment and admissions assistance through bespoke reports highlighting trends and insights, supplemented by quantitative data obtained through periodic surveys directly from prospective applicants. We help you plan ahead to facilitate risk-averse recruitment, create admissions process efficiencies, and exceed your strategic recruitment goals in the South Asia Region.
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