Global Student Centre


We provide comprehensive support tailored to every aspect of implementing your market development and market diversification strategies in South Asia. Our continuous feedback mechanisms track the progress towards your target recruitment objectives in this dynamic and competitive marketplace. With confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional value, we empower our clients with full control over budget transparency while offering expert strategic advice and recommendations throughout the strategy planning and delivery process. Our commitment to fairness, inclusion, and diversity transcends every aspect of our operation at Global Student Centre.

Dedicated Office Space in India

Located in Pune, the Global Student Centre offers modern, secure, and cost-effective workspace solutions for hosting regional conferences and strategic planning sessions. Our flexible co-working spaces, situated less than 30 minutes from the international airport and nearby top international business hotels. Pune is also home to some of India’s leading Universities which provide Global Student Centre with access to a diverse talent pool, enhancing our talent acquisition outcomes.

Strategy Delivery and Execution

Our expert team devise and deliver recruitment strategies designed to mitigate risk, accelerate diversification, and reduce the cost of acquisition for your institution. We focus on achieving your Transnational Education (TNE) and student recruitment goals within designated budgets and timelines, ensuring a professional and strategic approach aligned with your institutions KPI and objectives.

Ongoing Reviews and Monthly Reporting

We maintain a performance-oriented model through a blend of reporting tools, data, formal and informal meetings, supported by continuous improvement initiatives for every member of our team. This commitment to ongoing professional development ensures our teams are always evolving professionally and personally and are equipped with the skills they need to increase market share and operational effectiveness.

Stakeholder Management

During your market entry into South Asia, Global Student Centre will assist in identifying and engaging with key stakeholders aligned with your institutions targeting vision. This will include government officials, academic decision-makers, and partner agents. Our strategic support ensures smooth and effective establishment of productive relationships within South Asia.

Events, Marketing, and Logistics Support

Our network of vetted suppliers assist with all your needs, from travel arrangements to event logistics and everything in-between. We specialise in organising conferences, recruitment fairs, and product launches, ensuring every detail is managed efficiently and within budget.
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