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Our Motto

“On time query resolution is the Motto of Global Student Centre’s International Student Call Centre Division”

International Student Call Centre has profound experience in providing call centre services to educational institutions. We leverage our experience in serving institutions – from Colleges to Public Universities – to provide you with quality contact centre services to handle the end-to-end communication needs of your educational community – the faculty, the staff, the students, their families, and prospects.

We support every need of an institution. From student help desks to staff support; from book store support to emergency notification; from emergency hotlines to fundraising, we are always ready to provide prompt answers to suit your needs. Our support services have helped our clients devote more time to education and work towards building a reputation for themselves. It’s precisely because of our consistency in ensuring all of these that our clients prefer to outsource education call centre services to us.

Universities that outsource some of their operations to the customer experience survey companies have benefitted from substantial growth in their bottom line, along with reduced operating costs and improved work efficiency. Outsourcing customer satisfaction can enhance your client satisfaction by improving the quality of your customer interactions, increasing your institutions availability to customers, and providing your customers access to expert services at their convenience.

International Student Call Centre has years of experience helping clients identify areas for improvement through offshore customer satisfaction surveys. Our invaluable experience can help you get objective, accurate and precise evidence of how satisfied your customers are with your services.

Give us the purpose and leave the rest to us. We will determine your target audience, develop the guidelines, identify the vehicles, design the questions, and set the benchmarks for you so that you get what you want on a platter. And there is more! We arm you with powerful insights with our customer satisfaction survey for consulting services to help you pick the right strategy.

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