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Our Motto

“Confidentiality and Strict Adherence to Guidelines & Government legislation is the motto of our International Student Admissions division”

International Student Admissions

Global Student Centre’s Admissions support is at the heart of putting the University’s mission into practice by admitting those applicants who will be best able to benefit from an education in the respective institution.

The Admissions support manages a fair, transparent and consistent admissions process to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, providing advice and support to prospective students and academic departments.

Working with the wider University community and schools on a wide range of admissions-related issues, the Admissions support ensures compliance with University regulations and relevant government legislation.

  • Evaluate transcripts based on requirements of respective schools
  • Identify potential threat
  • Review Government papers (Passport, English Language proficiency)
  • Process offers based on University and Government guidelines
  • Report threats to recruitment team

Our 2022 Achievements

  • Internal Training & Development Capacity Enhanced
  • 35,000 Offers Released
  • Assistance extended for release of CAS letters
  • Evaluate transcripts and identify prospects for respective schools
  • Successfully processed application for 2022 Academic year
  • Processed 200+ courses from 6 different Schools
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